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The Wholesome Foodie was born out of a love of great tasting food and all things healthy and wholesome.

We believe that nourishing food should be convenient and available to everyone, anywhere!!.

We understand life can get busy and sometimes preparing a healthy lunch is tricky, so we’re here to help!

We deliver food to your work, cater at events and aid fitness goals. Providing a healthy option is what we love and do best!

We have plenty of choice for all dietary requirements, including veggie and vegan, protein packed meals, delicious salads, snacks and naturally sweet treats.

… and best of all, it all comes direct to you at your office, event or meeting. We believe sustainability, animal welfare and fair trade are really important.

We strive to use ethical suppliers so you can be sure our eggs are always free range, and we use British Farm Assured and RSPCA Freedom Food Certified meats.

No one likes nasty additives , we think you should be able to pronounce ingredients.

We keep things simple, straight forward tasty goodness bursting with nutrients- the best kind of meal.

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